Celebrant Pricing

What do celebrants charge?

Celebrant prices range considerably and are dependent on a range of factors including:

  • The type of ceremony
  • Location of the ceremony
  • Travel time
  • The number of rehearsals
  • The number of planning sessions
  • What equipment they supply (PA systems, signing tables, etc)
  • Dress / costume requirements

Even then, the rates will differ between city and country and even from state to state. The recent Australian Celebrant Survey found that 57% of celebrants charge between $400 and $600 for a wedding and the majority also charge between $250 and $400 for other ceremonies such as namings, funerals, renewal of vows and so on.

However, the most important factor is how you feel about the individual celebrant. Could you imagine anything worse than grabbing a cheap celebrant only to find that, on the day, they just weren't right for you (or for your families).

So our advice to you is to review the celebrants who can look after your proposed location, read their profiles and look at their photos. From them, find a celebrant who you feel would be right for you and then complete the enquiry form on the right of their profile. You can then catch up with them and chat about what you're trying to achieve for your big day.

Good luck with all of your planning!